Wednesday, March 2, 2011

WTF Wednesday

I saw a book on Amazon and my thoughts were (in order)

1. WTF, seriously?
2. Wait, is this a parody or is this actually for real?
3. How did this come up when I was searching feminist texts?

The book that inspired today's WTF Wednesday installment? The Ethical Slut

Have you had any WTF moments lately?


  1. What a killer title! I'm a terrible nonfiction reader ... I find myself wishing that was some sort of fiction book.

    My most recent WTF moment occurred last week. A came across a blog post that was filled with photos. The very final photo was a close up of a diaper filled with poop. Um ... WTF?

  2. Someone lied to my face about leaving for another state, lied directly to me about then being IN that state, then showed up to a party he not only knew I was planning to attend, but knew I was, in fact, there through the grapevine. He then lied to my face about "flying in this morning" for this party. LOL, WTF?!

  3. @Jaclyn, I don't even know what to say about that photo aside from WTF!

    @Courtney, some people live off drama! I do not and hence why I will never get my own reality show.