Monday, March 21, 2011

Monday Morning Moment of Zen

One of my favorite movies is 500 Days of Summer. I love, love, love it. The flash forwards and flashbacks create a unique narrative that's perfectly executed because as viewers we aren't in the least confused. It's a very literary narrative arch. It's also an honest portrayal of the roller coaster of emotions attached to falling in love with both the shiny newness of romance as well as its eventual unraveling. As viewers we get to see two interpretations of particular scenes: those when the main character is still incredibly infatuated with his paramour and those when he's recognizing the relationship's flaws (in hindsight, of course).

One of the scenes I love the most is the dance sequence, aka the morning after the main character finally has his first real connection with his crush. It's hilarious and accurate too. I'm sure we've all had days too, no matter how far apart, where we've felt a little something like this:

So if you're sad it's Monday and you're back to the work day grind, hopefully this will cheer you up, at least for a couple of minutes.

What are some of your favorite "pick-me-up" movie scenes?

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  1. Your second sentence reminds me of one of my favorite pick-me-up scenes in TV: Freaks and Geeks. The geeks prepare to go to the sci-fi convention and sad smelly fat geek is asked if he even likes sci-fi. "I don't like sci-fi [sad dejected face]. I love love LOVE sci-fi [dejected face was a fake-out...that Gordon!]