Friday, March 11, 2011

I Can't Say it Any Better

If you're not familiar with Harvey Klinger literary agent Sara Crowe and her blog on the writing industry then let this be an introduction because it's great--and very valuable.

You all know the adage about not reinventing the wheel and while I was thinking about an answer to the question all writers get at one time or another, "Where do your ideas come from?" All I could think of was, everywhere!

That's probably why I have a million little Post-It notes and text messages to myself because ideas spring up all the time. Sometimes I'm courting them and sometimes they just appear out of nowhere and take me by surprise and, as I love in Sara's post, or rather, Brian's post on Sara's blog, "Sometimes you see a hint of one and you have to chase it down."

But instead of me telling you about where ideas come from for writers, let me direct you to this fabulous post because not only do I think it summarizes the answer to the infamous "idea/inspiration" question but I swear I couldn't have said it any better.

Here's the link. Enjoy!


  1. Agreed! Ideas happen so randomly, it's nearly impossible to nail down a how or a where! I referred a friend today- do I get extra points for the prizzze?

  2. Hi Laura. Glad you liked the post and thanks for spreading the word and referring a friend. I know you're referring to the book giveaway and yes, extra points!