Wednesday, February 9, 2011

WTF Wednesday

Four months pregnant + wearing leather pants = WTF?

I'm no fashion expert and admittedly I've never had children but something seems very wrong with this picture. I can't imagine squeezing into leather pants, well, ever and certainly not preggers!

Trying to find Victoria Beckham's baby bump feels eerily like playing "Where's Waldo?" Only I can usually find Waldo after a few minutes of hard study and here I simply don't see a thing. Heck I had more of a bump after I shoveled all that Super Bowl food down my neck last Sunday!

Anyone else out there see fashion WTF moments this week?


  1. I read somewhere this week that Ke$ha was wearing a tooth that one of her fans sent to her -- she was wearing it on a necklace.

  2. Tooth story:

  3. Spanx for men and their side-man-boobs. Sorry, I mean 'compression garments for their lats.' WTF. ;)

  4. Oh God, the Ke$ha thing makes me think of when Lady Gaga wore that outfit made out of raw meat. There's pushing the boundaries and then there's just plain weird.

    As for the man spanx, all I can think of is the episode in Seinfeld when George's dad wears the man bra, LMAO!