Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Things I Learned This Weekend

1. Three-day weekends are the best! It allowed me to travel to the great white North and get in some much-needed ski time!

2. If there was any doubt, I'm DEFINITELY a dog lover! After a couple glasses or wine out with my girlfriends we found a lost dog running through traffic who I ended up bringing home after we couldn't get through to the owners. Long story short, the owners were at the hospital delivering their first baby and in a rush didn't latch the door all the way and their dog got out! I watched this beautiful little girl and the next day they had a brand new son and their little puppy back!

3. I'm liking fantasy/comic-book based storylines more and more. While away on break I watched Losers for the first time.

4. Nothing beats a good sale. AND NOTHING EVER BEATS A GOOD SALE ON JEWELRY! I bought three pairs of earrings and a bracelet for me and a pair of earrings for a friend because, really, you can never have too much jewelry!

5. Regardless of any attempts to eat healthy no amount of willpower will be strong enough to resist the temptation that is Girl Scout Cookies. My indulgence was samoas!

What did you do this holiday break?

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