Thursday, February 3, 2011

If Only Tivo Could Recommend Books

I'm still a relative newbie of YA fiction. I've probably been reading it for a little over two years. I just had NO IDEA how much I would love it or that lots of adults are now reading it. It never crossed my mind to venture to the young adult section of the bookstore and now that's one of the first places I go.

Sometimes it's to see what new books are out or to scan for storylines similar to what I'm working on and scroll to the back to see what agent the author has thanked and then text the name to myself for future reference. (For the writers out there, this is a great way to research what agents might be interested in your work.)

It's strange how I was wandering around so completely clueless and then *bam* an entire section of literature was opened up to me. Rows and rows of more books to check out from the library or buy at the store or online.

Maybe the increased transition of books to movies helped open my eyes; maybe it was the Twilight Saga; I don't really know for sure. In fact, I genuinely don't recall this much great YA literature being around when I was a teen myself. In many ways my reading habits mimicked those of boy readers (more on that in another post): I went from middle grade books and school books to adult books. I missed much of YA.

I suppose now I'm making up for lost time. If my Tivo suggestions, however, could recommend books in addition to shows I might like, I may have stumbled upon YA much sooner.

Sure I adore a lot of "adult" shows, not in the porn way but the older than 18 years old target audience...okay, I'm not helping my cause here! What I mean is I love Entourage, Royal Pains, Hung, Sex and the City, Better With You, etc. But if you look through the rest of my Tivo shows there is no way to deny it.

The teenager in me lives on. I record all sorts of guilty pleasures like Vampire Diaries, 90210, Glee, Gossip Girl, Pretty Little Liars... Of course I know many shows I watch are on the teen-loving CW station but it wasn't until last night when I was lounging around in my sweat pants with a bowl of ice cream scrolling through the stations did I recognize the continuous trend.

OMG, probably half the shows that keep my Tivo buzzing centered around characters in high school! Sure they have much more beautiful and dramatic student bodies than I ever had in my little town in Upstate NY but it's high school nevertheless.

What kinds of books would your Tivo recommend if it could?


  1. Comic books and gory psychological thrillers. I think Tivo thinks I'm a 9-year old child-vampire, apparently.

  2. Our TiVo probably thinks two 16 year-old girls live in the house.