Wednesday, August 29, 2012

WTF Wednesday

This WTF Wednesday post includes the weird, the over the top, and the just not fair.

1. How can she play the guitar with this ICEBERG on her finger? In case you haven't heard, Avril Lavigne, at just 5'1, is now engaged (who knew she was even dating?!) and accepted this whopper of a  14 karat diamond ring. There are no words except, "WOWSER."

2. Did you guys get a chance to see rhythmic gymnastics during the London 2012 Olympics? All I could think of was Will Ferrell during his Old School ribbon dance. Only in real life it looked a lot more like this:

Will someone please explain to me how this possible? Seriously? I'm sore just looking at her.

3. Weird: Apparently post birth placenta eating is a new trend. Really?! According to this article about actress January Jones, she's one of many celebrities in on this very odd behavior. All I can say is, "WTF?"

4. The over top comes to us thanks to the longest bridal dress train EVER! It's nearly 2 miles long. Nope, that's not a typo or a workout but, rather, the length of the train which according to the article would require 4 football fields to cover and an entire NFL team to hold up. To top it off, she was hoisted up in a hot air balloon. High maintenance much?

5. First off, huge congrats to Jennifer Aniston for her engagement. I hope this means the gossip mags can finally stop writing articles about Jennifer vs. Angelina (though for the record I was always Team Aniston). Engaged or not, these pants take "boyfriend jeans" to a whole new--and low--level.

6.  I'm sure by now you've at least seen one if not both of the Hemsworth boys: Chris and Liam, pictured below. Talk about good genes. I'm not sure whether I'd rather date them or be related to them if it means I get to look this good! SO. NOT. FAIR.

So what WTF moments have you had or seen lately?

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  1. So my friend went to a DC wedding this weekend, and their reception party favors (in place of bubbles, or rice, or whatever to throw over the bride & groom as they entered the reception venue) they had ribbons on sticks. As he's telling me this, of course, the only thing I can think of is the graceful swan-like moves of Will Ferrell. At the same time, as he's telling me the story, we both did the move with imaginary stick-ribbons. He then explained that during every group type dance, or when there was a lull on the dance floor, he randomly sashay'd through with his wicked ribbon moves. For that reason, and that reason alone, I am both jealous I could not be there and join him, and grateful that SOMEONE at least did that move. Priceless!