Friday, January 18, 2013

Cover Love

It's been a while since I've done a cover love and I've recently stumbled up on these and had to share. They also sound like amazing reads and are definitely being added to my TBR list.

Paper Valentine by Brenna Yovanoff

Here's what it's about: Hannah has a lot going on between the constant presence of her best friend--who died six months before, a bad boy with a heart of gold who sets off sparks when they meet, and The Valentine Killer who has started murdering young girls in their town. Again.

I love this cover. The oversized heart and sharp contrast of red against the black and gray background catches your eye. It's this giant bleeding, pulsing, overwhelming heart. It's symbolic of the love story and Valentine's Day. There are storm clouds brewing in the background. You can tell something isn't right, that this girl is in danger. It's equal parts beautiful and haunting. 

Then on the complete opposite end of the spectrum we have this lovely and equally stop in your tracks cover.

Here's what it's about: This is the first book to explore the meticulously composed and richly detailed photographs that Norman Rockwell used to create his famous artworks. Working alongside skilled photographers, Rockwell acted as director, carefully orchestrating models, selecting props, and choosing locations for the photographs--works of art in their own right--that served as the basis of his iconic images. Readers will be surprised to find that many of his most memorable characters--the girl at the mirror, the young couple on prom night, the family on vacation--were friends and neighbors who served as his amateur models.
I grew up absolutely in LOVE with Normal Rockwell pieces of art and the way they brilliantly captured life. That love was further solidified when I took a school field trip to the Norman Rockwell Museum. 
Not only have his images become iconic snapshots of America, but they feel as if we're given a stolen glimpse into a particular moment in time. Whether funny or heartwarming, Rockwell was able to take his vision and make it feel so authentically real. This cover really struck me because we see behind the scenes of the artist and his craft. 
So whether haunting and edge of your seat like Paper Valentine or sit down and take note like Behind the Camera, both seem like fascinating reads and wonderfully done covers.
What good books have you seen lately?

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