Wednesday, June 8, 2011

WTF Wednesday

1. Really? Pink horses? WTF? The only horse I know that should be pink is Pinkie Pie:

2. Mike "The Situation" from MTV's The Jersey Shore is set to make $5 million this year thanks to endorsements, $50k for appearances, and $60k per episode of the show according to this article. As I slog to work this morning where I'll be sober, fully dressed, refrain from swearing, and working long hours, I can't help but find this depressing; not only that he gets paid to do just the opposite but just how much! Who knew you could make per episode a yearly salary just by letting cameras follow you around on a neverending spring break? No offense to Jersey Shore lovers but HOW did this happen?

3. And, well, sexting just isn't cool. If you don't know what Congressman Weiner's been up to, one where have you been and two WTF was he thinking?!

What WTF moments have you seen lately?

1 comment:

  1. Oh, I hear ya on the Jersey Shore thing....I've only watched about 2 minutes of one episode and it was just so so stupid. It is really really really sad that these people make that kind of cash for doing absolutely nothing.