Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Have you guys heard of the treadmill desk? Someone sent this to me recently and I totally thought it was a joke, like some sort of SNL spoof or something or, at best, one of those crazy gadgets they feature on Home Shopping Network at 3 am.

Apparently you walk on a treadmill while you do your work. It's real, been featured on Good Morning America, NBC, and others and is approved by an endocrinologist. But seriously, who wants to type on the computer while they walk and, more importantly, how can they really do it? I thought I had motor skills but I can't imaging being able to type as thoroughly as I do when I'm being an all out desk jockey. Sure sitting all day isn't burning any calories (unless you count the 10 steps I regularly take to and from the coffee pot) but if walking/standing all day is the alternative, I'm not sure I'm game.

I'm imagining what it would look like if I jacked up the mph while I typed out a running/fight scene in my WIP. "Writing in action" if you will. LOL.

What's the craziest thing you've heard of this week?

Oh and here's a video. They also propose holding walking conference meetings around your office to help people get moving. I'm all for fitness but something tells me I'd become the black sheep of the company if I stole away the coffee and donuts and, instead, proposed we pace around everyone's desks while we discussed our edits :-)

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