Wednesday, June 1, 2011

If only...

I had considered posting a usual Wednesday WTF moment but this week seems pretty devoid of the unusual (unless you're experiencing some odd or crazy antics and then I want to hear all about it!).

So instead I decided to post a picture of where I'd like to be. Right smack in the middle of this conversation:

I love my husband (*waves* to Chris) but seriously, Kate Middleton--scratch that, the Duchess--gets to marry a prince AND she gets to meet the president. Life is so unfair. At the very least I'd like to join Kate and Michelle, talk a little shop and then move onto the exciting topics like which designer dresses we're going to wear to which highly anticipated grand affair. *sighs*

Perhaps Chris will find out he's actually a prince a la the premise of Princess Diaries, only we don't know it yet. Yes, that's probably it! For now I'll await word, shop Ann Taylor summer sales, and live vicariously through my US Weekly subscription.

What about you? Where do you wish you were?

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