Tuesday, August 10, 2010

WriteOnCon is Here!!!

To all the writers, if you're not signed up for WriteOnCon get your little butts over there. NOW. It's a FREE, "online children's writers conference created by writers for writers." Everyone and I mean everyone is invited. Domestic, abroad, it doesn't matter. If you have an Internet connection, you're in! It runs today through Thursday, August 12.

To learn more and to sign-up, see here. Here's a copy of the schedule. I know...amazing, huh?! And for those of us that have to work all day long, there will be transcripts available online and most of the live chat forums are conveniently scheduled around after work or lunch hours.

You can submit questions for the live forums and they'll be answered by various literary agents. You can also post a query for critique by uber-agents Joanna Stample-Volpe or Natalie Fischer.

It's going to be epic and soooo much fun! It will have industry experts dropping knowledge and for no cost at all. Think pay-it-forward but for writers.

See you there (in Cyberspace that is).


  1. Hey, I know I'm totally late, but thank you for spreading the love about the conference. You rock!