Wednesday, October 3, 2012

This Made Me Laugh So Hard I Cried

I only just discovered Bad Lip-Reading, the group that takes everything from Presidential speeches to popular film clips and dubs them with, well, bad lip reading. This one is from The Hunger Games. It's so ridiculous that by the end you'll be laughing too:


  1. That was truly bizarre, but a big improvement on the actual movie. I loved the books so much, and for once, I had high hopes that they'd finally found a novel that would translate well to film, but no.

    Squirts and dog-hurl redeemed this one.

  2. Yes, this is completely ridiculous and yet it seems like they're actually really saying all of this nonsense. I certainly couldn't come up with good--or bad--lipreading. As for the actual Hunger Games movie, I too was disappointed. I'm particularly saddened that they're making the third novel into two movies especially since the third novel was definitely (in my opinion) the worst of the series.