Monday, October 8, 2012

I Miss Harry Potter

I have to confess, I'm a late bloomer party crasher when it comes to Harry Potter. I've seen more movies than I've read books, however, I am making my way through the novels now and, yes, even checked out the Universal Studios Hogwarts (which was AMAZING by the way!).

So while I may not be as big a fan out there as many of you, I can't help but wish there were more novels out there with fun, fantastical worlds that come alive so vividly. I know it's not fair to compare other story ideas to such a mega hit, but I love getting swept up in in that "other worldly" kind of way--where anything is possible.

In the interim (while we wait for another great fantasy or the new soon-to-be-released JK Rowling book) I thought I could share this delightfully fun play on words because, really, who doesn't love Harry Pottery mixed with a Jay-Z reference?

What do you miss most about Harry Potter?

1 comment:

  1. The magic, man! Being able to confound someone, conjure up delicious vittles, or make them puke slugs - so perfect. This helped me manage my long-standing fury with my kindergarten nemesis. Alas, as I did not get my Hogwarts letter 19 years ago, I am forced to carry this grudge. Watch out Kristen Wheeler - if I marry a wizard, you are TOAST!