Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Women's Sports Foundation

Last month marked the anniversary of Title IX. As you most likely know by now, I have a serious love of soccer and, really, any and all sports. I grew up surrounded by older althletic brothers but, still, I'm certain I would have found sports all on my own or, as a friend of mine has said, sports would have found me. Because that's how soccer has been. It's been the one consistent love of my life. In fact, it's been the longest-running relationship I've ever had.

I adore sports especially women's sports as I've seen all the ways it can keep kids out of trouble and, for young girls, the ways it gives them confidence about their abilities, about what's possible with hard work and dedication, and how it helps them escape from society's obsession with unrealistic body ideals. Legs are meant to be strong and sturdy to kick a ball rather than frail and rail like to balance on a pair of heels. For all of these reasons, I adore this brand new commercial brought to us from the Women's Sports Foundation. They say that by the age of 14, girls will abandon sports at twice the rate as boys. Let's help reverse this trend because there's so much that sports can bring to a life. There are lessons about sharing, about team work, about how to win and lose gracefully, how to prove to yourself that you're capable of things you never imaged and YES, how your body is beautiful and it's meant to be strong and taken care of.

I encourage you to share this with the girls and women in your life. Enjoy!

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