Monday, July 16, 2012


I'm off on vacation...

Okay, confession: I'm not on this sandy white beach or swimming in the turquoise water or even anywhere remotely close to this exotic vacation. I'm in Upstate New York. Still...when I think "vacation" this is what I think of.

Photos like this have a certain quality to them. You find yourself relaxing just at the thought of being there, just at the image.

My vacation is not quite as exotic. AT ALL. I'm going to my family reunion, followed by a few days of hiking in the mountains.

It will be relaxing though and in an effort to keep it relaxing I'm limiting my Internet activity (or trying to), which means the blog is on vacation this week too. However, I will making it worth the wait.

When I return, I'm posting 3 book reviews and 1 book giveaway! (Can anyone say, "Sarah Dessen"? Hint, hint.) What book you ask? You'll have to return and find out.

In the mean time, what does vacation mean to you?

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