Wednesday, May 30, 2012


I have a love/hate relationship with revisions. Okay, full disclosure, it's a little more hate and a little less love. It's like training. I just want a toned body not necessarily all the exercise that goes with it. But that's how it works.

The love part kicks in when I suddenly realize I've done it (or I'm doing it!). A few months ago I received invaluable feedback about my WIP. It all made perfect sense. I agreed with it in full. Sign me up. On board. Here we go...

Only how?

I genuinely had no idea where to begin. And once I began there just seemed to be more and more and more to do. It ended up a little something like this:

-Cut 20,000 words
-Re-arrange much of what's left
-Write a new 15,000 words
-Revise everything
-Cut another 10,000 words
-Write another 6,000 words

And now I'm about to re-read it in full once again! I've killed off more darlings than I ever have before but with each execution I ask myself, "Does this advance the plot?" Not a subplot but THE PLOT.  The answer determines if it stays or if it goes.


  1. The first several revisions are fun and way more enjoyable to me than putting it all down on paper/ microsoft word the first time. It's when i get to the back 10 revisions that it really gets painful.

    My first MS was originally 146K, it's now 88. That's an entire species, several characters, and two subplots all cut out! I'd say my MS is better for it, but I'm waiting for an agent to agree!

  2. I am so love/hate with revisions. I hate the process but I love the end result. It's such a different place from writing-- its all about getting to the real heart of the story. I prefer the frenzy of writing a first draft, but I do love the polishing process. Because, then it can only get better.

    . . . . and as much as I love my first drafts they are rubbish and I can't share them with anyone. It's later that I can really enjoy sharing a story, which makes me happy.