Monday, April 23, 2012


Do you guys watch HART of DIXIE? It definitely plays into stereotypes about people from the North and those in the deep South but it won me over with charming characters who are complicated and whose actions are far from predictable.

While there's humorous aspects woven into the show they're more along the lines of asides than a major component of the plot (think more drama than comedy). That's why I was shocked to hear that Rachel Bilson along with some of the other actors got together for a "Funny or Die" video that's gone completely viral.

It pokes fun at Dr. Zoe Hart's character (played by Bilson) and also the news stories from gossip magazines. Most notably, however, is that one of the video's primary themes is taking a criticism of the show and turning it on its head. Apparently critics have been saying that what they find most far fetched is that such an attractive 30-year-old female would be a doctor! Smarts and beauty are not either/or, people!

As such, the short clip takes Bilson's usually cool and calm demeanor and portrays her as what would truly be an unbelievable doctor character (think gansta). It's funny though, of course, funnier if you know the inside quips. I also can't help but enjoy seeing Bilson try out her rapping chops :-)


What are some of your favorite spoof videos?

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