Wednesday, September 21, 2011

WTF Wednesday

I just couldn't ignore some of these WTF moments.

1) GLEE actor Mark Salling's comb-over mohawk. Now why would a handsome, edgy guy try to look so bad and seek out the lamest known middle age hairstyle?

2) Brad Pitt clarifies statement about Jennifer Aniston. No, this isn't an old article but somehow no one will turn that broken record off. Enough already!

3) I'm consistently stuck behind out of service DC buses with big ads about all the improvements they're making to the system. Ironic much?

4) Jessica Biel's pregnant belly for her role in New Year's Eve. Seriously, even her character should be able to afford a full size shirt. This is just plain wrong.

5) Albeit the word was only "canned" but my friend managed to hit every triple word score square there is and started our Words With Friends scrabble match with a 72-point play. Try coming back from that! 72 points; seriously?!

Have you had any WTF moments lately?

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