Friday, July 29, 2011

Hunger Games Stills Released!

Have you guys seen these? I'm sooooo excited. EW released them and seems to be pretty on top of reporting on the movie. Speaking of which, a friend of mine actually saw Jennifer Lawrence (actress playing Katniss) in the Charlotte, NC airport the other day, as the movie is being filmed down there. Life isn't fair *shakes fist.*

The more I look at these and follow the movie production I have to admit the boys are growing on me. Jennifer Lawrence still isn't quite how I envisioned Katniss. I read an article the other day, not by Suzanne Collins but YA author Veronica Roth, whose book Divergent was optioned for film and she discussed how it's more important for the actor or actress to convey the personality of your main character than necessarily every specific physical feature. And, in the end, I agree with her. Lawrence is a fabulous actress and if Collins helped pick her then I'm sure she'll bring to the screen what we all loved about Katniss so much in the book: that fearless, self sufficient girl with an occasional soft streak.

What do you guys think, how important are looks when casting an actress based on a book character and where have you seen this best?


  1. I didn't know they were making a movie -- that rocks! I loved the Hunger Games series.