Monday, July 5, 2010


Will this blog post be about this...

or this...


If you guessed number two you would be correct. I saw Eclipse this an IMAX...and *crazy fangirl squee* I really liked it.

Let me begin by saying that I'm always skeptical of movies based on books. Don't get me wrong, there have been some truly great adaptations: Harry Potter, The Notebook, and Lord of the Rings just to name a few. Let's also not forget how many awards Precious picked up at the Oscars this year. A great book, however, is hard to live up to and the cast list in my head is not always the cast of actors on the screen.

Even if an actor fits my expections, the true test is not in their looks but their ability at capturing the balanced emotion of a scene. In short, can the actor's performance live up to the prose?

I have to say, I'm more apt to watch a movie based on a book I read than read a book based on a movie I watched. Perhaps I'm impartial. Regardless of the genre or the medium, however, I just love a great story.

But what about you? What movies do you think have been great adaptations of books or what books have you read after watching an interesting movie?


  1. I was totally on board until the "or this...." It's your blog and I'm going to remain supportive, despite this post.

  2. Hey Sarah, I took (dragged) Peter to see Eclipse today.... He's team Jacob. Anyway, it took everything I had not to turn to Peter and say: "for 18, that kid is HOT". Long live YA and Puma's.

  3. My all time favorite adaptation of book to movie would be Gone with the Wind. But it was probably my first experience with it so it left the greatest impression! I will always read the book before I see the movie - even if I find a current movie is based on some book I never heard of, I'll find the book and read it first.

    Wandered in from Jennifer Weiner's link to your post about her book signing. I love books of all kinds and love getting recommendations. I think I'll like it here!