Wednesday, June 16, 2010

WTF Wednesday

Let me preface by saying that I love working in city. I don’t even mind (most of the time) commuting on the metro so long as the AC isn’t broken and I have a good book in hand.

This morning, however, was a different story and so begins the true inspiration for this post and what my friend Courtney and I are now calling “horror stories from the field.” Sure it sounds like we’re investigative reporters (we’re not) or Stephen King wannabes (we aren’t) but it has a nice ring to it and, well, they’re our stories so we can call them whatever we want.

Beginning with today’s WTF moment…

• My metro train was delayed as five police officers in stealth ninja mode showed up out of nowhere to arrest the kid sitting behind me.

• Walked by a homeless man wearing a T-shirt reading, “Please tell your tits to stop staring at my eyes.”

• Woman yelling at her baby in increasing decibels to “Stop f*ing crying. Nobody likes a cry baby!”

• Guy walking down the street with his hand resting down his pants as if there's nothing out of the ordinary going on here.

• Subject of spam email I got today, “This is why you’re fat.”

• Homeless, pregnant woman held captive by abductor who wants to steal her baby. This isn’t even my story, it’s from the Washington Post, but seriously, WTF?

• And, though I love her, this Lady Gaga outfit:

So have you had any WTF moments lately?


  1. Awful -- a few weeks ago during rush hour, the platform at F. North was packed. Someone bumped into this random kid who, in turn, dropped his cell phone down on the tracks. Without hesitation the kid jumped down on to the tracks and snatched his phone. 2 minutes later the metro police came to arrest him and they closed the station for 35 minutes to sweep the tracks. Thanks kid for the extended commute time.

  2. Annoying, not awful like Chris's -- a few weeks ago, when I sat down on the bus one of my (newly dyed red) hairs must have fallen on the surly woman sitting behind me. This started a race war about my "white shit" on her (which I, of course, assumed was dandruff or hair gel remnants or something else embarrassing). Nope, she lost her business and started screaming about me being white and the neighborhood. I burst out laughing when I realized she was starting a race war on the 54 about one strand of white-lady hair. I wished her a more pleasant day and apologized, but this enraged her more. It got so bad she was asked to please leave the bus. I now share the same bus with her EVERYDAY, because of course that's my luck, right? WTF.

  3. Oh, I also read this last week:

    I mean, I get it, and I'm very supportive that in order to be effective, life jackets must fit, but it's still "wtf" for me!