Wednesday, June 20, 2012

WTF Wednesday

Keeping up with the blog has been harder than usual lately. Time seems to have sped up and there just simply isn't enough of it. WTF? Doesn't the sun know I have more stuff to do?! These are the times I wish I were a vampire and didn't need sleep and when I just feel like doing this:

If you don't recognize the clip, it's from Garden State, one of my absolute favorite movies. This idea, however, of just screaming out into the dark abyss or across the ocean or on a mountain top isn't something new. It's been recycled and yet we all identify, don't we? We all have our WTF Wednesdays as well as our WTF weeks where we just want to scream.

Sometimes that scream gets bottled up into something else, some other distraction. Right now, for me, that's the Insanity Workout (supposedly the hardest workout available on DVD) because, apparently, I'm insane and also online book buying (thank you Amazon!):*

The first is burning off all that crazed energy and the second is offering that wonderful, blissful escape. I'm trying to wait until my upcoming beach vacation but I'm sooooo excited to get my hands on some new, fabulous reads because, well, I'm a bibliophile through and through. And, really, there's nothing better at the end of a crazy day, week, month, hour, you name it, than a great book. Well, maybe a great book with a nice glass of wine :-)

What have been your WTF moments lately and how do you deal?

*Stay tuned: on Friday I reveal my cover loves and my new book buys.

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  1. Looks like predictive programming. Anybody want their country back?