Wednesday, March 14, 2012

WTF Wednesday

Okay, it's been WAY too long since I did a WTF Wednesday post. Here's what we have on the line-up.

1. Lipstick on children
Alright, enough is enough. There's Toddler with Tiaras and now even Angelina Jolie's little one is donning lipstick. Yes, lipstick! Jolie admitted to Vivienne putting it on to go out to a show. Is it just me or are little girls growing up way too fast, and parents are helping push this evolution?

2. Pole dancing at the Olympics?

I'm not going to lie, this looks really difficult:

Still, the fact that there's a push to get pole dancing to be considered an Olympic sport is simply too far. There are activities where people sweat, train, maybe even making a living (no pun--alright, maybe a pun--intended) but I have to disagree that pole dancing is a competitive endeavor that requires athleticism and physical prowess, because that's the definition of a sport. And, even if it is a "sport," I can't help but wonder what sort of messaging we're sending to the world if this is the sport we're pushing to be added. Can you honestly say that nothing would make you a prouder American than our having a top notch pole dancing team? Seriously...

3. Zac Efron at the Dr. Seuss Lorax movie premiere.

Did you guys all hear about how Zac dropped a condom out of his pocket in front of all of the paparazzi at the Lorax premiere? I get he's a Hollywood star and, thankfully, being safe in the dating department but SERIOUSLY? It's a kids movie opening and, really, who is he expecting to see at this thing? Maybe it's just me but I miss the old, innocent, Vanessa Hudgen's dating, High School Musical star...well, that is until I see this

and he's sort of forgiven.

4. Email spam.

Have you ever wondered how you end up getting certain email spam? I routinely check my spam folder just to be safe and then purge whatever is legitimately crap email. What I can't figure out, however, is what it is about me that says I'm a good candidate to send away to Canada for drugs? Seriously, that's 90% of the stuff that ends up in my spam box. Does my Internet traffic scream something like, "must buy medications from across the border"? Mind you, I used to live right by the Canadian border but it seems, only now, having moved South am I good candidate for these services. Maybe it's because now the possibility of running to the border isn't feasible. Who knows? Whatever the reason, they've found me and my spam folder day after day after day.

5. Sick puppies.

There are certain things that just aren't supposed to happen. If they do they alter the balance of the universe or something, like ugly babies and sick puppies. Because stuff like this, just shouldn't be so:

So what WTF moments have you had lately?


  1. I've totally missed your WTF blog posts. Honestly-- they totally brighten my Wednesdays :) Thank you! Currently-- most of my WTF moments have revolved around the Olympic 'warnings' we've been getting issued here about congestion and peak travel times. It's not as if they haven't had years to get ready for the influx of people. Sigh. And of course-- there's this:

  2. Genn, you finally made the plunge and created a blog *jumps up and down.* How exciting! Am joining now :-)

  3. Thanks :) Still finding my feet a bit-- which is why I haven't been shouting more about it :) But, so far so good :)