Wednesday, December 28, 2011

OMG I Want to See This!

Beautiful actors, chemistry, falling in love (and doing it again!), tension, uncertainty, high stakes, and pacing. This movie promises to have everything a great storyline should. Plus it's Channing Tatum and Rachel McAdams, people! I love these two and deep down, I'm a sap for a good romance. I think anyone who enjoys the genre can agree that part of you is a hopeless romantic. Isn't that why we're attracted to these storylines? We find some hope or excitement in experiencing what feels like real life individuals stumbling upon an extraordinary love. So excited!

What movies or books are you already anticipating this New Year?


  1. I got teary just watching the trailer!! I'm such a romance lover!!!

  2. I haven't read The Hunger Games yet (I know, I know, it's on my list), but I just saw the movie trailer. And it made me weep. Right off the bat, that scene with the sister. And as I'm bawling like a baby, I say to my hubby, "I've got to see this movie!" So yeah. Hunger Games.

  3. Yes, I too can't wait for the Hunger Games movie. The whole trilogy was great but I can't encourage you enough to read the first book in particular. I don't think I've ever met a character quite like Katniss and it's all the more intimate since the book is in first person.