Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Deserted Island Reads

I keep thinking about what books I would need to have with me if I was stranded on a deserted island. This thinking is likely ignited by the fact I'm packing for my upcoming trip to the Bahamas (*squee*).

Also when I look up deserted island, pictures like this come up and don't look altogether bad.

Then again, I've seen Cast Away and a few episodes of Lost. So certainly I'd need some sage survival books perhaps something with outdoor extraordinaire Bear Grylls (aka the youngest Briton to ever climb Everest, star of the Discovery Channel show Man vs. Wild, and all-around bad a*s).

Case in point and WTF moment of the week:

But what books would I need to pack and which I might never tire and what books would I need to ensure I purchase for fear I might never have a chance to read them if I don't?

This is where I need your help. If I pack two books, what should they be?

-One book: all-time fav of yours and can't live without, would be the go-to read during all those days wondering if you'll be rescued off the island


-Another book: Most anticipated book that just came out or is about to come out and which you'll NEED to pick up before said stranding happens?

Advice please!


  1. Okay, I'll put mine down. Since I can't pick a single all-time favorite book I'll include a few have been happy with:

    -The Hunger Games (I can't help it, this book sucked me in plus some of the gathering and hunting skills might come in handy on the island.)

    -Twilight (I know, I know but this is like YA crack, it's so addictive you can't help but devour it.)

    -Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (I need to know how the series ends plus it's a really long book.)

    -Best All-American Essays (because each essay is its own story).

    New book that I would have to grab:
    -The Help (because it's the next book I plan to read and I'll be so sad if I don't get to it).

  2. I would say you need to bring Lord of the Rings!